Even if your networks are breached, this highly-affordable solution protects all data at the end-user level.  This scalable, proprietary software works with existing IT infrastructure and deploys effortlessly and seamlessly while providing encryption, identity management, audit, and user behavior analytics. This Coronavirus-immune cybersecurity technology is not merely a perimeter defense, but extends beyond your firewalls and networks and follows your data wherever it goes outside the network making it the strongest security for in-house and remote employees and contractors.

  • Supplements or Replaces 9 Cybersecurity Technologies* 

  • Steller ROI over Procurring Individual/Disparate Solutions

  • Significantly Extends Security beyond Vertical Products

  • Completely Covers Data in the Burgeoning IoT Market

  • HITRUST-certified and Provides Anti-ransomware and Zero-day Protection

  • No Minimum Number of Seats



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*Supplements or replaces: Data Loss Prevention, Data Rights Management, Storage Encryption, Secure Email, Malware Protection for Zero-day Threats, Governance, Risk, & Compliance, User Behavior Analytics, Intrusion Detection, and Backup, Versioning, & Data Recovery.

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